About us

Who we are

Group Ritu simplifies access to the complex and regulated Indian market.

We developed successful entry strategies for international companies to set up in India.

Our pioneering activities in uncharted territory are challenging or deemed “impossible”.

We developed the nascent market for luxury goods in India.

Glass by glass, we laid the foundations for the market for wine in India – since 1997 – when India’s tryst with wine had still not begun.

We initiated the first actions in agro-agri product marketing and promotion domain in India.

The brand neutral promotions that we conceived, planned and administered have become the benchmark model of training, education, information dissemination, trade development and promotion.

Today, we are the oldest (and still the best) agency in the business and have to our credit a long list of “firsts” – our standards serve as the benchmarks that others ape.

Our Focus


Building the foundations for the wine-drinking culture in India • Promoting international wine in India and Indian wine in foreign countries • Introduced formal wine education through decorated sommeliers • Conceived the wine-by-the-glass programme for hotels in India


Promoting Champagne in India • Building the market for champagne in India through trainings • Protecting the appellation champagne in India • Public Relations and media activities • Registered Champagne as the first International Geographical Indication in India


Earliest official import of luxury tableware • Importing renowned brands from Limoges, Staffordshire and Luxembourg • Created a completely new distribution channel across India • Established a market among the Indian uber elite and luxury hotels

Our Logo

ऋ is an integrated and very complex alphabet in the Devanagari script. It is the basis of our founding. The nearly three-decade long journey is encompassed in this smooth flowing character – with an upward trajectory.

Our Founders

Rajiv Singhal

Rajiv Singhal is a first generation entrepreneur who pioneered activities in the luxury sector in India depuis 1993. He studied Economics at Yale, and since then has been simplifying access to the Indian market for international clients. Among other path breaking initiatives, he helped set up and establish the market for wine in India over the last 22 years. Appointed Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Merite by the President of France in 2014, Rajiv is the Ambassador of Champagne to India and loves to challenge himself.

Ritu Singhal

Ritu Singhal co-founded New Delhi based Group Ritu, which has diverse interests in publishing, international consulting, marketing, brand building, e-learning, and private equity, in 1993. She trained as a textile designer at Sophia Polytechnic in Bombay, and experiments with new techniques on new media whenever she can. As voluntary work, she set up an annual craft bazaar to empower women artisans. When not doting on her two boys, Ritu is up for any gastronomic adventure as long as it is vegetarian.

Founders' Honours


Chevalier de l'Ordre National du Mérite

The President of the French Republic appointed Rajiv Singhal as Chevalier de l’Ordre Nationale Merite in recognition of his pioneering role in developing French wines in India. H.E. François Richier, Ambassador France to India, conferred this insignia.


Grande Medaille d’Argent of the Corporation des Vignerons de Champagne

Vincent Perrin, Director General of Comite Champagne, awarded the Grand Silver Medal of the Corporation des Vignerons de Champagne for his longstanding commitment to promoting Champagne in India at the Embassy of France in India.


Chevalier d’Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne

Rajiv Singhal was inducted at the Palais du Tau in Reims into the very notable official fraternity in Champagne for his commitment to promoting and protecting the Champagne appellation in India.


Les Amies des Disciples d’Auguste Escoffier

For the contribution to French fine foods since 1997, Rajiv Singhal was inducted as a Disciple of this world-renowned Order with a green sash.


Cochran Fellowship from US Department of Agriculture

Rajiv Singhal was the only Indian in 2001 to receive the Cochran Fellowship for a three week immersion into the wine regions of the United States.